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The Thorfenson

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    In the cold wastes of a bleak, hard land a band of disparate warriors survive. Rock outcrops blanketed in snow and ice jut forth like jagged, piercing daggers. Few crops are able to take root in the stony earth provided, and fewer beasts wander long here, ere they surrender their spirits to the warrior inhabitants. Here one lives by might and will alone. Over the millenia the small tribes of indigenous people and beasts of the land have slowly succumbed to the harsh climate, and slowly trickled away, seeking new lands in which to thrive. Only one tribe still remains...a band of warriors led by a grizzled old veteran whose massive, blood-encrusted axe and lone eye hint at horrors and battles untold. He alone is clan chief of the Thorfenson tribe. He and his family are all that remains, some having wandered far and wide in search of battle and adventure, some choosing to stay by their aging clan chief's side to aid him in ruling the affairs of the family and increasing their strength, thus ensuring their survival.......


Thorfenson Family Backgrounds

Mystical Mud Information

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