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A Look at Man.

What a pathetic creature is man....
with his incessant whining, frail form,
and servile nature. Here they learn
where power lies, and how
quickly they change from the rude,
arrogant creatures which they once were
above, to the scorched, pleading forms
here below. I am always amused
at how rapidly that change occurs, and yet
when I see the few
that make it to the other
side, I can not help
but feel the envy that a mortal
man must feel when his desire
loves another. How those puny
creatures have such a will amazes
me, and although I am a bit
jealous that I don't
get them all,
I do get more than my share
of souls.
My walls are packed with misspent lives, and shattered
youth. I see
it all, and
I love
it all. I soak
up their sins like a sponge
in a pool of blood, delighting
at the extremes
they go to in order to please
me. While I do so dread the day when man will
be no more, I console myself
in the knowledge that I undoubtedly will be pleasured
still until the breast falls
one last time, on
Earth's final inhabitant.