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                 Joseph A. Kelly  
Marshall University 1992, 1994-98
Biological Sciences Degree (B.S)
 Chemistry minor (19 hours)
  English minor (30 hours)

 Activities/positions held:
        Campus Organizations:
            Student Government Association:
                     Senator, College of Science (1 year)
                     Judiciary committee member (1 year)
                     Public Relations committee member (1 year)
                     Faculty/Senate Student Conduct and Welfare committee member (1 year)
                     Session #50 Ad-hoc budget approval comm. member (1 sem)
                     Sergeant-at-Arms (1 sem)
                     Parliamentarian (1 year)
                     Judiciary Committee head (1 year)
                     Acting   Chairman of Public Relation committee (1 sem)
                     Justice for Student Court (1 year)
                     Session #50 Executive approval committee
                     Faculty/Senate Library Committee
                     Session #50 Ad-hoc Committee for Constitutional Revision  member
                     Session #50 Ad-hoc Committee for By-Law revision member

             Member of College Republicans (2 years)
             Member of F.O.R.G.E. [Forwarding Our Role in Government and  Education]   (2 years)
          Intra fraternity Council:
                   Greek Week Chairman for Outdoor Sports. (1 sem)
                   Greek Week Official
                          Kickball (1 year)
                          Volleyball (1 year)
                          Tug-of-War (2 years)
                          3-legged race (2 years)
                          Softball/Football throw (1 year)
                          Comedy Relay (2 years)

          Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity:
                       Executive Board (Chaplain) (4 years)
                       Vice President of Brotherhood Development/New Member Educator (1 sem)
                       Standards Board chairman (4 years)
                       Homecoming committee chairman (1 year)
                       Community Service chairman (1½ years)
                       Brotherhood recognition chairman (1 year)
                       Fundraiser chairman (1 year)
                       Balanced Man Scholarship Chairman (1 sem)
                       Kitchen Manager (1 sem)
                       Greek Week Representative (1 year)
          Intramural Sports and Recreation
                       Outdoor Volleyball (2 years)
                       Tug-of-War (5 years)
                       Soccer (1 semester)
                       Fraternity Football (5 years)

          Community Service
                       Numerous volunteer hours for Huntington Boys/Girls club
                       Serve food, and clean-up at Huntington City Mission
                       Food/clothing drives for Huntington City Mission each year since 1994
                       Volunteer in aiding the Red Cross blood drive (2 years)
                       Volunteer for voting polls Marshall Campus (1 year)

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