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Ren O' The Blade

       Ren grew up in a religious family. He enjoyed being out and about, causing a ruckus with his friends, but his parents wanted him to study hard, and practice his skills, so he would become a powerful paladin. Ren wasn’t really concerned with what his family thought was right for him. He didn’t really know what to do with his time, so he just went on with his training. He enjoyed fighting, but he wasn’t allowed to use some knives and other implements that looked rather troublesome. Apparently they weren’t what a paladin should equip himself with.

        As Ren got better with the sword, he found that he really didn’t care for being a paladin. Ladies were far more entertaining than a sword and several words of healing. His parents were very disappointed that he gave up having a holy life of crusading, to indulge in adultery and binge drinking. Ren started to get quite the reputation of being a pervert, and he developed a nervous “twitch” – he would adjust his genitalia when he got nervous. Ren got older, but his perversion didn’t slow down, many ladies of the realm thought he was a funny fellow, but there were afew that detested his womanizing. The bothered folk started praying to the Gods for intervention. For the most part, their pleas fell on deaf ears. Although, with persistence, one Goddess heard them out, and did not like what Ren was doing. She thought he was an offensive waste of space that doesn’t deserve to live. She threw him into a jail cell for years, his only conversation was with the Gods. They threatened him daily, saying that he would never walk the realms again if he didn’t clean up his act. Eventually they broke his will, and they tried to mold him into their image of perfection. As it turned out, he ended up as a God-fearing, bumbling idiot.

        Shortly after getting out of the Correctional Institution, he changed occupations, and became a monk. He spent much of his time wandering about the lands, trying to tell people about his run-in with the Gods. He was very excitable whenever he found someone who would listen to him, and he often ended up having flashbacks to when he was in jail. During this period of his life, Ren was not interested in women. And when they made advances, he would storm about shouting that he wasn’t interested. Ren was definitely a changed man. He kept falling into depression, wondering why his devotion to the Gods had not yet rewarded him. He was overcome with joy when the God that had kept him imprisoned for so long mysteriously left the realm. He started to lose faith in the Gods, and eventually shed his Shaolin robe, and started to use destructive magics. He quickly wanted a new profession, and became a priest. By this time, he was still mad as a hatter, but he no longer preached of how almighty and kind the Gods were. He gained power quickly as a priest, but was not welcome in the temple. They wanted nothing to do with a heretic. So, shunned from his brothers, he spent a lot of time alone. He reflected on the past year, and thought about his time in jail. After much deliberation, he came to the conclusion that it was not himself who was in the wrong, but the God that had tortured him in jail. As soon as he became aware of this, he was a new man. He regained sanity, and picked up the knives and daggers that he was once so interested in. A life of crime was calling to him. He thoroughly enjoyed his time as a rogue, but decided to focus on magic as well as thievery. Ren started to put more emphasis on studying his illusionist spells than on committing crimes. Ren enjoyed life more than ever. He was very skilled with the knives, but they started to bore him. He started to train, and got into the best shape he’s ever been in. He became a darknight, and took with him several tricks of the thief trade. He now spends his time adventuring, but mainly as a gladiator in the arena.

        Ren’s born name was Manul. He hated the name, and once he became serious about adventuring, he changed his name to Hanzou. Once he started to get in trouble with the Gods, Hepstheba “suggested” that he change his name as well as his ways. He changed his name to Jahwist after Hepstheba gave him her “suggestion”. When she left the realm, he had a great desire to change his name back to Hanzou, and pick up where he left off – in the Sultan’s harem with a chest of gold. But, Hepstheba had a couple of friends that would have snuffed out Ren’s life if he were to resume where he left off. Once the cloud of insanity lifted, he thought it would be best to have a new name. He has been known ever since as Ren O’ the Blade.