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I remember a time when
the world seemed
much less complicated than it does today.
When I could sit for hours
upon the train tracks
with you, holding
your hand, and tossing
stones from the rails into the
creek nearby. At night,
we'd go home, and listen
to our favorite radio shows,
and later bask in the pleasures which
only a newly married couple
can. Since you have left, the world
has moved on. . . I sit
here, alone
until a young woman draped in white
brings me my medication,
and I think about how
things used to be. I have
tried to make a connection
to this time, but it is as difficult for me
to do so as it is to bring
you back. I hear
of such things as ‘surfing a net' and I wonder
how things changed so rapidly.
It was only yesterday
that we bought our first
television, and now,
like me,
its obsolete. I no longer
the things around me, and I
have no desire
to do so. I will
see you soon, I hope,
and then
I will have peace
once more.