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Rules for 110 Quest Imms

1.You must run at least 1 quest per month. You may run more but you only get qps for the one required, plus one additional one if you choose to run one. To be awarded QPs on your mortal, mail me or tell me who you want them on, along with a brief summary of the quest plot, how it went, etc, and I will set 55 qps on whichever of your mortals that you choose.

2. Announce all Quests AT LEAST 3 days ahead of time.

3. You may load eq for your quests in any zone from zone 13 on up, however never load any QEQ, personal weapons, Clan EQ, weapons or any item below zone 13. If you have a question about it, please ask a 112 or higher.  The Quest Prop Zone is Zone 14 and typically mobs and items made for quests only will be found there.

4. You can not be on visible with your Imm, nor should you log on your Imm to socialize with the other Imms. You CAN be on visible at the beginning of your quests/roleplays, and again at the end. Unless you are planning or running a quest or a roleplay, you should not have your Imm on.

5. If running a Quest, max QPs is 60 per person. That said, I have *never* awarded that many qps. Generally for Excellent RP = 55, Good RP = 50, Average = 45, and if they are AFK a lot, or voiding, or just not talkative you can adjust those down to 0. To set QPs do a VNUM qp and it will show you the appropriate vnums to will never need #6.
                   1) [ 1451][  1] a quest point                                              
                   2) [ 1452][  0] 5 quest points                                             
                   3) [ 1453][  0] 10 quest points                                            
                   4) [ 1454][  0] 20 quest points                                            
                   5) [ 1455][  0] 50 quest points                                            
                   6) [ 1456][  0] 100 quest points

6. If running a roleplay, you may award gold, but no more than 5M gold per person. Its best to not reward any for roleplays though as it makes people only want to RP for a reward.

7. You can not have a mortal in 2 quests in the same day, so please try to schedule Quests on different days than other people. IF you HAVE to schedule one on a day that someone else does, people who participate in the early one can not be in the late one, and its your responsibility to get with the other QImm and find out who was in each quest.

8. You can not load eq for your mortals, nor spy on other mortals invis, etc.

9. All 110 spots are considered part-time, and are considered to be on a permanent probation period. If for any reason you can not run your quest in a given month you will be removed, unless extenuating circumstances warrant an extension.

10.  Please try not to limit Quests based on what you WANT to happen but rather try to be flexible and work in everyone's roleplay. For example, just because you want a good deed done, dont exclude evil classes, but let them roleplay as well. Also try not to limit Quests based on remort race, class, etc, as well as align. You can narrow ranges down by levels however.

11. Please try to encourage roleplay in the Quests as much as possible. If you do not RP, or joke around OOC while in a mob, it destroys the illusion and breaks down the whole environment.

12. If someone disrupts your Quest follow these steps......

                1. Warn them politely. Advise them what they are doing, and ask them to stop.
                2. Warn them again. Explain why. Advise that they will be removed from Quest if repeated.
                3. Trans the player to room 4 (jail), advise them why they are there and that they will remain there until the quest is over. When the quest is over remove them and mudmail the exact events. If a 112 or higher is on, explain to them what is happening and ask for assistance.

13. Disrupting a Quest DOES NOT MEAN that they are roleplaying evil and it just happens to be that you want them to act good, or vice-versa, bur rather entails things like spamming, killing mobs to be disruptive, etc.


        If you ever have any questions, please mail the QImm list, or mudmail Raine (or catch me on a mortal) as I am who you should contact for whatever you need. Good luck, be flexible, and happy Questing. :)