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    Here are some pictures of my my friends and family, and myself. Thanks to Brandy Vishnesky and Kim for the pics, and all the work they put into them. I would have placed them all on a single page, but don't you hate when people do that, and it takes forever to load them?

Columbus Zoo and Wedding Pics, July 2001 (NEW - multiple pages)

Homecoming 2000 Pictures, and visit to Kim's house

Beach Pictures, Topsail Beach, NC. July, 2000.

    -  Me and Kim at the Beach  (7)          - Where we stayed.  (4)

    -  The Beach and the Ocean. (7)          -  The Sea Turtle Release Pics. (10)

Me and Kim

Me and Brandy

Mom, Tony, Dan, Brandy, and myself

Kim (my girlfriend), her roomate Linnea, and friend Kate

Mom and Brandy

Kelli Hively and Dave Keith

More pics are coming soon.............

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