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Mystical Mud One-Liners and Stories

    Keasby quest-says, 'Don't call someone ignorant if you can't spell it :p'

    Einar says 'Its all fun and games til someone gets some cheese in the eye'

    Taran states 'man, one of these days I'm going to grow an afro with a chinstrap.'

    Thelonious gets a lace bodice from a wooden crate.
    Thelonious states 'How'd that get in there.'
    You say 'Secrets out now Thel :P'

    Shamira says 'elviras a name for a horse'
    Taran says 'it could be a name for a sexy vampire chick'
    You say 'Vampire chicks.....*mmmmmm*'
    You say 'Those teeth and nails...and cleavage'
    You say 'I'd do a vampire chick'
    Taran says 'me too'
    Thelonious says 'Yeah then she'd bite you and drain you till you were a pale lil
     bag of bones :P’
    You say 'Thats ok, I'd have enough blood to do what I needed to do :P'

    Einar gets a Dancing Sword.
    Einar goes ‘Hmmm’
    Einar sacrifices a Dancing Sword.
    Einar says ‘It couldn’t Macarena, its time had come’

    Marvin tells your clan, '*name deleted*  is an ass pimple on the rear end of mystical'

    Jaeun auctions, 'alrite people, you guys know your little sex stunts aren't gonna get sold, so let's keep the "party in my pants" element    down : P'

    Blayne tells your clan, 'ARRGH I AM TYPOBITCH TDOAY.'

    Marvin tells your clan, 'i so do NOT look sexy in a wifebeater'

    Marvin tells your clan, '*wonders if an imm will change orliks prename to Suk*'

    Marvin tells your clan, 'i cant wait to be an old guy with a hard dick, standin at the buffet in Dennys'

    Thorgrim tells your clan, 'Here are some good chinese proverbs '

    Thorgrim tells your clan, 'Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day.'

    Thorgrim tells your clan, 'Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ. '

    Thorgrim tells your clan, 'Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk...'