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       Janthool was born into the world of Mystical as a Draconian. He never knew what it was like to live with other draconians. He lived in Sundhaven in his youth, and grew up with the young lads there. He met a human by the name of Holden. Together, they went adventuring, learning the lands outside the gates of their fair city. The both of them would take turns telling their stories to whoever would listen, during a night of heavy drinking in the Nightbreak Café. Holden told the tales more often though, Janthool hissed most words at the best of times while sober, and when he was drunk, it was hopeless. Holden became known in the underworld of Sundhaven, as did Janthool, but people believed that he was Holden’s assistant, or something of that nature anyways. Eventually, they went their separate ways – Holden became a prominent member of the Sundhaven Thieves Guild, and Janthool left the profession. He did not want to be overshadowed by a human. He wanted to become someone, he wanted to travel further than the graveyard.

        First off, he separated himself from his old group of acquaintances. He was still in Sundhaven, but far off to the west, out of the city walls. He lived in a big red dwelling, the rent was cheap, and he still had enough wealth left-over from his adventuring. Once he was living on his own, away from the old crew, he became depressed. He did not know what he wanted to do with his life, but he knew that he should find a career soon. Every couple of days, he would have to come into town, to get some food. One day, on his way back from Mekala’s, he stopped into the House of Sorcery, just to have a peek at what they sell. They had all these weird potions and scrolls, and even some staves. He had no clue what they did, but it would be fun to learn how to use them. The Magess who runs the store asked him what he wanted, and he asked what was cheap. She said that she was about to throw out a wand that was nearly used up, but he could take it if he would put it to use. He took that wand home, and he looked at it, turned it over in his hand, pointed it at things, and shook it around. He couldn’t figure out what he was doing, the only way he knew was the way of the dagger, not this “magic”. Eventually, he grew tired of the wand, and left it on a shelf to gather dust. He made his trips to town for food and drink, as he always did, but one day, as he was opening the gate, he heard a blast of some sort off to the north. Already, this was the most action he had been involved in, in months. He walked over to the building the noise had come from. The front door was open, so he went in. There was some sort of imp sitting in the corner, and it glared at Janthool as he walked in. He ignored the imp, and walked past it, to the room upstairs. Janthool looked about this room, and saw bubbling beakers, and broken vials, and a myriad of other things, components for spells, mostly. There was a man standing with his back to Janthool, he was messing around with something on the table in front of him. He must have heard Janthool come in (draconians are not the most graceful creatures). He turned around and asked what in Justar’s name he’s doing here. Janthool explained himself, and asked if there was anything he could help with. The man looked awestruck. “You’re a draconian! What are you doing in my laboratory? Your kind can barely manage to quaff a potion, let alone cast one of my spells! Did you kill my imp, is that what you’re up to?” Janthool had no idea what this man was talking about. The man continued: “Wait a minute, if you would have killed him, I would’ve felt it, or felt something at any rate…” he trailed off, and then suggested that Janthool study under him, that he would like the challenge of making a draconian learn the ways of magic. Janthool stood there with a blank look on his face, not knowing what to say. The old man stroked his beard, shrugged, and went back to what he was doing. Janthool seemed to see what was going on, he would now be able to learn some of this ‘magic’ that the thieves only dreamed about. He hissed out his acceptance of the offer, and he ran off to the Alehouse for a drink to celebrate.

        After months of studying, Janthool mastered some simple spells, and could go out adventuring again. Once he had learned the basics of the art, he excelled in his studies. He even reformed his ways, to a point. He did not see a point in senseless killing anymore, but now, he protected the weak with his magic. There was one fellow bullying a young wizard, and Janthool took pity on the wizard. He waited for the assailant to finish up, and go about his business. Janthool stalked him down the streets of New Thalos, and he ripped into the foul being until there was nothing left but a charred corpse. He then sacrificed the corpse to the Gods, in hopes of being forgiven for past sins. He progressed in his studies very quickly, and he returned to his teacher in Sundhaven. Upon his arrival, his teacher was amazed to see that Janthool was still alive, he heard of the murder in New Thalos. They exchanged tales of past adventures, and had a fun time of it. The night soon came to an end, and Janthool left for some of Mekala’s famous Thai cooking. He’d been craving some of that for some time. He walked into her fine restaurant, and took up his normal seat upstairs. Mekala came up to take his order, and went back downstairs. Downstairs, someone entered her restaurant, and Janthool could hear them talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. He heard the sound of a large pouch of gold hitting the floor, and then the door closing. He went downstairs, just to see if anything was wrong. Mekala was picking up a pouch, and she looked up at him and said: “You, sit, Mekala will feed you good. You miss Mekala? You eat, eat. You like the chicken? You eat.” She seemed nervous, but she was always sort of shady. He always thought this place was some sort of money-laundering business. His meal came, and it was spicy, as it always had been. Although, he felt a burning in his throat, he didn’t know what to do about it, so he called Mekala up for some water. He attempted to speak, but only gurgled up blood. The pain was horrendous. Mekala said she was sorry, but he would have to leave, and he should watch his back. He stumbled around town, unable to speak, bleeding from the mouth. He went to the Temple of Mercy to be healed, but the priest turned his back on him. Janthool had blood crusting around his lips, and on his chin. The pain was only getting worse. He didn’t know where to go, so he went back to the Archmage’s quarters. The Archmage would not aid Janthool. He noticed a large bag sitting on the table that wasn’t there in his visit earlier in the day, it looked as if it were full of gold. Disgusted, Janthool left. He had no idea where to go, he wandered around town until he went unconscious. When he woke up, someone was talking to him, and the voice sounded familiar, even the surroundings were familiar. The Nightbreak Café, that’s where he was. The bartender told him that he was in the back room, and that if anyone would hear anything about this, then his café would be burned to the ground. He told Janthool that he killed the wrong man, and that his brother was out to mess him up. He heard Janthool was in Sundhaven, and arranged his murder. The bartender knew that poison had ravaged Janthool, and it had ran its course. It mangled his tongue, and his throat. The bartender told Janthool that he would never speak again. Janthool shook his head, and silently thanked the bartender for nursing him back to health. He attempted to cast a spell to leave Sundhaven, but to his dismay, his new art-form had been corrupted, he couldn’t very well cast a spell without being able to utter the proper words. Janthool was angry. He wanted to kill the man that did this. He wanted to eat the mans toes, and go up his body, until he went unconscious. Then nurse him back to health, and eat his fingers. Janthool knew he would have to remove his clothes to enhance his fighting ability, so he walked to New Thalos, and purchased a new set of gear from Abdul. He must find a powerful wizard to teach him the ways of magic, once again. Not knowing where to go, he ventured south of New Thalos. He wasn’t sure where he was going, but once he saw the looming Tower of Sorcery, he knew where he must go. He trampled every monster and mage in the Tower, until he had reached the Scrying Chamber. He entered the room, and from his backpack that held all of his belongings, he got a stack of paper, and a bottle of ink. He used his nails to dip in the ink, and write on the paper. “I was muted, and I must learn how to cast in silence. I know I will not speak again, but my magic is essential to my survival.” The witches cackled at his note, and they told him that they would be able to help him, for a price. He would give them anything they want. They said that if he were to cut out the remains of his tongue, and give it to them, they would teach him. They said that they would heal him so that he would not die of blood loss afterwards, that would be nothing to worry about. Janthool was flabbergasted, but he had to comply, if he wanted to get by in this world. He promptly cut out his tongue, getting the blade carefully back into his throat, cutting away. The pain was worse than the initial poisoning, but if he would be able to cast again, it would be worth it. He was having a difficult time breathing, with all the blood in his throat, but he did cut his tongue free, and hand the bleeding mass over to the witches. They tossed it into their brew, and stirred it all up. They got out a ladle, and filled a bowl with it, and told him to eat. The brew felt cool in his mouth, but he couldn’t taste anything, probably for the better. He finished the bowl of the brew. The witches said that he could now cast spells once again. He didn’t believe them, but he left to give it a try. Outside their room, he stood there, ready to cast a spell. He was attempting to get to New Thalos, and when he cast his spell of relocation, he moved his lips, but no sound came out, although, he did end up in New Thalos. He was in a state of bliss now that he could cast again, so he promptly got on with his learning. He learned as much as he could as a wizard.

        One day, Janthool woke up in the morning, and it was as if he was starting everything over again. Nobody was violent, everyone had lost the urge to kill. Janthool was infinitely pleased that he wouldn’t have to worry about being killed. Without having to worry about being killed, he was able to sit around, and listen to the gossip of the towns. He heard of a procedure in which the Gods induce a state of rebirth upon a person. Apparently, it allows you to learn a new profession, and even become a new race. Janthool awaited this opportunity for quite some time. Eventually he was reborn, as a golem. He was skilled with the sword, but it was a great change from his past life. He did not learn as fast as he used to, but he did progress. He finished that life, and wanted to leave it promptly. He was reborn as a shade.

        As a shade, he still had some knowledge of magic, but this was healing magic. He was also very stealthy, and felt a bit of déjà vu, he was allowed back into the thieves guild. He also kept some skills from when he was a wizard, and was able to induce mana upon himself. He also took some skill from being skilled with the sword, but he was not sure what they are, the time of the sword was a bad time. As this thief/healer combination, Janthool thoroughly enjoyed himself. He progressed quickly, and did not want to be reborn. He was quite content remaining where he was. Sitting around New Thalos became sort of tiring, so he went travelling for a little while. He stopped by Londonian, and did a lot of gambling on the cocks. He made immense amounts of money from betting. It didn’t matter what he was betting on, whether it be mortal combat, or the cock fights. He ended up making millions. With his new fortune, he travelled to the Dwarven Kingdom, he heard they had some goods available there that were not available anywhere else. He arrived in the kingdom, and he got acquainted with some of the shady community there. He got quite addicted to the local  fungus, and he remained high for months.  In this state, he felt that he was on his path to enlightenment. That he would become an enlightened being in the future, that he must remain in this world until then, but is on the path, and he would reach the end of the path eventually. The Gods became furious with people using the fungus to their benefit, and Janthool stopped using. He did not know that people were using these mushrooms for something else, he just assumed that they used it the same way he did.

        He went back to New Thalos, and listened to gossip once more. He started writing letters to a fellow in the group called ForgeHammer, a tight bunch of people, all very skilled in the art of combat, and magic. Eventually, Janthool became a member of this group of people, and was accepted, and perhaps even loved like a brother. After being inducted into ForgeHammer, Janthool was reborn once more, this time to the form of an elemental. Janthool felt as he did in his shade body, he had some skill as a thief, and also some skill as a healer, he even had some skill with the sword. But most of all, he had magic as he used to have as a draconian mage. He had the urge to write stories of his adventures, but has refrained. He spends his time awaiting enlightenment. He will see the end of his path, he will become enlightened. The form does not matter, the profession does not matter, but he will attain it at some point.

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