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Sleep I lack, and the thoughts running through my
mind elicit nothing but despair. Mere
minutes have crept by since I last glanced at
the clock, becoming an eternity
as chaotic images harass me
in my struggle to slumber, forcing me
to think on everything and nothing at
once. Thoughts and theories on the nature of life,
remembrances of past loves, the glint in
the eye of the young woman I passed on
the sidewalk all join into a formless
mass of maddening swirls and whirls, mixing like
sea-foam and sand on a barren island
shore. So much to do come morning, yet sleep
still evades me. I must get up, shower,
make my way to class and work, and handle
whatever else arises. Finally,
after a restless night of incessant
repositioning and pillow-fluffing,
I find reprieve, but not before my last
glance at the bright red numbers insists its
almost time to get up......