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Mortal Council Proposal
Presented by: The Citizens of Mystical

Purposes of the Mortal Council:

   1) Newbie Awareness:
        a) Each council rep will make it his duty to welcome new players.
        b) The council will answer any and all questions the newbie asks.
        c) The council will teach newbies the basic rules and regulations.
        d) Will show newbies how to read the maps, consider mobs, and
          teach them about the remort system, show them the do's and don'ts,
          and teach them anything they need to know to mud
        e) Getting newbies started with equipment and gold to use to practice.

    2) Be the voice of the people:
        a) The council will accept ideas from the citizens of mystical.
        b) The council will discuss each idea during the meeting, and vote
          whether or not it would benefit the mud as a whole.
        c) The council will then take all ideas voted through and submit it the
          to the immortal staff for consideration.

    3) The council will act as an advisory to the immortals:
        a) When the immortal staff wishes to get feedback on a idea, new
           class, skills, spells they will come to the council.
        b) The council will then inform the citizens, take surveys, get opinions
           and such, then present the literature to the immortals.

Council Representatives and how They are Voted In:

    1) There will be 14 representatives of the mortal council.
        a) Two members from each clan and 6 anarchs
        b) Only 7 representatives will attend meetings and vote.
        c) The other 7 reps will act as co-reps in case the actual rep can not
           attend a meeting.
        d) The clans will vote within their clans for their reps.
        e) The anarchs will have a 1 week period to nominate candidates. At
           the end of the week the nominations will be placed into a voting
           system on Mystical where they can go and vote. They will have 1
           week to vote then the ballots will be counted and tallied. No member
          of ANY clan may vote for an Anarch representative.

Law Enforcement:

    1) No one is above the law:
        a) Each mortal, whether a council rep or not, will uphold policy at all
        b) Punishment/fines will be enforced on those who break the law
           according to policy (this will be discussed further once an actual
           council is formed and running).

Council Representatives Positions:

    1) There will be no power positions on the council:
        a) Every rep who enters the council chambers will be recognized as
           an equal to all citizens.
        b) Clan titles and anarch titles will be left at the door, the council
           will act and work as a team.
        c) A gavel will be placed on the floor of each meeting, If you to speak
          just pick up the gavel. Who ever has the gavel will have the floor and
          everyone else's full attention. When done the gavel will be replaced
          upon the floor.

    2) The council meetings:
        a) Meetings will be held every 2 weeks (the days and times can be
           decided later)
        b) There will be an agenda board created so the council may post the
           agenda of each meeting before the meeting begins. This will allow
           the citizens to know what we will be working on.

    3) Mud wide votes:
        a) On issues that the council feels too extreme to be handled and voted
           on by themselves alone, they will be able to call for a mud wide vote.
           The issue will be made public so the mortals can discuss and vote as

Immortals and Dragons:

    1) Immortals will have no voice on the council:
        a) No Immortal nor alt of an Immortal may reside on the council
        b) Only one Immortal, designated as the Council Immortal, will be
           present at council meetings to function in an advisory position only.
           No mortal alts of an Immortal may be present at Council meetings.
        c) No Immortal nor alt of an Immortal will be allowed a vote on any
           issues presented to the citizens by the mortal council.

    2) The council will have nothing to do with dragons:
        a) If the Immortals do decide to bring back dragons the mortal council
           will have nothing to do with applications or voting.
        b) The mortals feel that dragons would lose what they so rightfully
           earned if allowed back -- Their uniqueness to show that they did
           stand out and were honored members of Mystical. Let us remember
           and honor them and leave it at that.

Final Notes:

    This is the Citizens of Mystical's proposition. Please keep in mind that this is a rough draft and can be subject to change. We the people await your decision. We leave it in your capable hands to approve.