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Clan ForgeHammer

"In the forge of my mind and the anvil of my heart, I shall craft my own destiny."

    Throughout history, every culture has had some concept of destiny. Fate, karma, joss, luck, "the whim of the gods,"...all of these notions describe the idea that our lives are beyond our control or are predestined and cannot be altered. Like raw ore, our lives, the totality of our beings, are shaped at the forge chance, either to achieve a satisfactory form, or to be ruined by improper firing. Only by wresting the smith's hammer from Destiny's uncaring grip can we achieve the perfect form we desire for our own lives. Clan ForgeHammer is a disparate group of individuals, some with dissimilar methods, from different backgrounds, but all are intent on helping one
another so that we might all gain a guiding hand in shaping our own destinies.

    It was believed in ancient times that the mind is useless without the body, and subsequently, the body is useless without the mind. You may have the mental know-how to overcome an obstacle, but without the physical ability to carry it out, you are helpless. By the same token, if you are one of great prowess and physical ability, but do not know how to properly apply yourself to optimize your full potential and output, then you are equally helpless. It is the members of ForgeHammer's goal to achieve this unification of mind and body through ritualistic training and the art of battle. Once this is achieved, we will be flawless in all aspects, free to create our own paths and destinies.

    It is our goal to reach for ultimate perfection, whether it is truly within mortal reach or not. However, while we believe that battle is the path to perfection, we are NOT a war-like clan. We seek challenges in combat for the sole purpose of improving  urselves and moving one step closer to perfection, NOT to settle petty arguments or to prove supremacy over another clan or group. If backed in a corner, mind you, Clan ForgeHammer will defend themselves to the best of their collective abilities, but we are first and foremost a non-aggressive, humble clan.

    While we do not accept applicants at random, choosing only the best of the best, if one seeks admittance please contact a member of the clan and speak with him/her.

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